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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Alt, Frederick W.
Location Harvard University
Primary Field Immunology and Inflammation
Secondary Field Medical Genetics, Hematology and Oncology
 Election Citation
Alt is a leader in the field of molecular immunology. In his early studies he discovered mechanisms of drug resistance and oncogene amplification. In the past decade he has made a series of discoveries linking ordered V(D)J recombination to transcriptionally-mediated accessibility and RAG-2 protein to lymphoid cell development.
 Research Interests
My general field of interest is immunology and cancer research. With respect to immunology, we study the basic molecular mechanisms that underlie the development of the immune system, particularly the mechanism and control of genomic rearrangement processes. With respect to cancer research, we study the role of the myc family of nuclear oncogenes in development and in tumorigenesis. Our past work in this area included studies of gene amplification in the context of drug resistance and oncongenesis. In the last several years, a new focus of our work has been to generate various immunodeficient mouse models with one long-term goal of applying these models for studies of gene therapy of other therapies of human immunodeficiency diseases.

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