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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Avise, John C.
Location University of California, Irvine
Primary Field Evolutionary Biology
Secondary Field Environmental Sciences and Ecology
 Election Citation
Avise has pioneered the development and utilization of molecular genetic techniques for the assay of evolutionary relationships among populations and species. He is an established leader in the field of natural population analysis, contributing concepts, novel assay methodologies, and insightful studies of vertebrate and invertebrate taxa to evolutionary biology.
 Research Interests
My laboratory is interested in study of the natural history and evolution of natural populations through the use of molecular genetic markers. Laboratory methods employed include a variety of protein and DNA assays, with particular emphasis in recent years on restriction site and sequence analyses of the mitochondrial DNA molecule, alone or in conjunction with allozymes, microsatellite makers, and other nuclear gene methods. Topics studied range from micro- to macro-evolutionary, and research has been conducted on all major vertebrate groups and selected invertebrates. In most cases, the primary focus is on understanding the natural histories and evolution of organisms through application of molecules as genetic markers, but a secondary concern includes the elucidation of features of the protein and DNA molecules themselves. Effort in the laboratory has also been devoted to concepts and theories of population genetics and speciation. The theory and practice of evolutionary genetics are also highly relevant to conservation biology, an area that provides an underlying theme to most of our research.

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