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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Burg, Maurice B.
Location National Institutes of Health
Primary Field Physiology and Pharmacology
Secondary Field Medical Physiology and Metabolism
 Election Citation
Burg revolutionized the field of renal physiology by developing new techniques to study the function of individual nephron segments and using these techniques to identify many new transport systems as well as the sites of action of vasopressin and major diuretics.
 Research Interests
I am a physiologist currently most interested in the mechanisms by which kidney cells protect themselves from the high levels of salt and urea to which they are exposed, levels much higher than elsewhere in the body. One important mechanism is cosmetically regulated accumulation of small organic molecules, identified as sorbitol, inositol, betaine, glycerophosphocholine, and taurine. With collaborators, I have cloned the cDNAs for many of the enzymes and transporters involved in accumulating these substances and am studying their regulation.

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