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Name Bell, C. Gordon
Location Microsoft Corporation
Primary Field Computer and Information Sciences
 Election Citation
Bell was the principal architect of the minicomputer revolution. He was a pioneer in multiprocessing, involved in the design of some 30 multiprocessors. The goal of his current work is to collect all of a person's information digitally, creating a surrogate memory of everything one sees and hears in a lifetime.
 Research Interests
Since 2000, I've been working on building and understanding a system that would collect, contain, and utilize all of a person's information including articles, books, correspondence, music, photos, phone calls, and videos including real time capture of various life events e.g. lab experiences, walks, meetings. Our work extends the vision of a Memex posited by Vannevar Bush in 1945. In effect Memex is a system quest for a transaction processing SQL database that can record everything a person sees and hears. It is predicated on the evolving sensing and storage capabilities enabling a lifetime digital store. By having all of a person's transactions with time and other meta-data, the value of the content for retrieval is increased by being able to relate items for retrieval and understanding - in effect, creating a faithful and perfect surrogate memory. A by-product allows for a digital immortality. I am generally interested in technology history as a founder and trustee of the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA. My interest in scientific computing continues e.g. as a member of the Dept of Energy's Advanced Scientific Advisory Committee (ASCAC) and the introduction of use of databases for communities that were pioneered my colleague Jim Gray.

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