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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Berlekamp, Elwyn
Location Elwyn & Jennifer Berlekamp Foundation
Primary Field Mathematics
Secondary Field Computer and Information Sciences
 Election Citation
Berlekamp is known for development and use of elegant mathematics to solve hard problems and for effective implementation of the solutions, in particular in algebraic error-correcting codes and high speed decoders, which are vital in compact disc players, deep space communications, and many other data storage and communications systems.
 Research Interests
I study several kinds of discrete mathematical structures and their applications. My primary interests have been codes and games. I devised several novel algorithms for encoding, interleaving, synchronizing, and decoding algebraic error-correcting codes. Some of these algorithms have also proved useful for factoring polynomials, for finding linear recursions, and for certain cryptographic applications. I founded and later sold a small company that implemented new devices using these structures and algorithms to solve various problems in space communications and in several computer memory technologies, including certain magnetic tape recorders and compact disks.

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