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Name Bowers, William S.
Location University of Arizona
Primary Field Animal, Nutritional and Applied Microbial Sciences
 Election Citation
Bowers synthesized the first insect juvenile hormone and sparked and industry based on this biorational approach to insect control. He then discovered phytochemicals that were highly active in disrupting the insect's endocrine system and became a world leader in defining chemical defensive interactions between pests and plants.
 Research Interests
My interests are focused on the discovery and development of biorational strategies for plant and public health protection through studies of chemical ecology, especially as they relate to the selective disruption of pest biology. Research procedures involve the discovery, isolation, and identification of pest-specific natural chemicals, targeted to the disruption of pest growth, development, reproduction, diapause, and behavior. Recent examples include discovery of the lead chemistry that produced the first biorational methods for insect control using analogs of the insect juvenile hormone to interfere with insect pest development. Similarly, analysis of insect behavior in response to certain phytochemicals has resulted in the discovery of superior insect repellents for the protection of humans from diseases transmitted by insects.

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