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Name Briggs, Winslow R.
Location Carnegie Institution for Science
Primary Field Plant Biology
 Election Citation
Not available
 Research Interests
Plant photoreceptors and the signal-transduction pathways that they activate. Our laboratory has recently discovered and characterized a new class of plant photoreceptors, the phototropins (phot1 and phot2). These are FMN-binding photoreceptor kinases that undergo autophosphorylation and major conformation change on activation with blue light. There are two FMN-binding domains that carry out a unique photochemistry leading to the formation of a cysteinyl adduct with the FMN, distorting the flavin and distorting the protein miety as well. These photoreceptors mediate phototropism, the opening of stomata, chloroplast movement, leaf expansion, and most likely solar tracking.

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