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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Levin, Bruce R.
Location Emory University
Primary Field Evolutionary Biology
Secondary Field Microbial Biology
 Election Citation
Levin pioneered the study of microbial evolution, including innovative work on the dynamics and control of pathogens. He has performed landmark research on the population genetics of bacteria. His most recent research uses evolutionary and ecological principles to understand microbe-host interactions, pathogen virulence, and the spread of antibiotic resistance.
 Research Interests
We (a pronoun that includes the students, postdocs, and collaborators I have the honor to work with) are currently engaged in five projects. 1- Studies of the population dynamics and evolution of lysogeny. 2- Studies of the population and evolutionary dynamics and conditions for the evolution of abortive phage infection, focusing on retrons. 3- Studies of the combination of antibiotics and phage therapy for the treatment of bacterial infections. 4- Studies of the long-term exposure of E. coli to ribosome-targeting bacteriostatic antibiotics. 5- Studies of the population dynamics of lytic and temperate phage and bacteria with CRISPR-Cas mediated adaptive immunity.

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