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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Bodmer, Walter
Location University of Oxford
Primary Field Medical Genetics, Hematology and Oncology
Secondary Field Genetics
 Election Citation
Not available
 Research Interests
My current major research interests are in (i) the fundamental genetics and biology of colorectal cancer and their potential applications, and ii) the characterisation and population distribution of genetic diversity in human populations. My laboratory uses a panel of well characterised colorectal cancer (CRTC) derived cell lines to study the molecular basis of control of differentiation in CRC and explore the nature of the tumour micro- environment using mesenchymal and other normal cells derived from biopsy material. We are also developing T cell attracting bispecific monoclonal antibodies for CRC immunotherapy. I have recently written on models that relate the ageing process to cancer and which predict the reasons for the decline in function of adult tissue stem cells. Another long standing area is effective study of complex human multifactorial diseases and the approaches need to find their molecular basis.

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