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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Brill, Winston J.
Location Winston J. Brill and Associates
Primary Field Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences
Secondary Field Microbial Biology
 Election Citation
Brill has made innovative contributions to our understanding of the biology, biochemistry, and genetics of nitrogen fixation by several bacteria and worked on the genetic control of nitrogen fixation long before this became popular. His many accomplishments include isolation and identification of the iron-molybdenum cofactor of nitrogenase, and genetic analysis of nitrogen fixation genes.
 Research Interests
I consult with organizations to stimulate creativity and productivity. I investigate client organizations/departments to identify practical opportunities that will increase their ability to innovate. I publish the monthly "Innovative Leader" (previously known as R&D Innovator). Researchers (including Academy members) have written articles on the human -- not technical - -side of the research process. This human side is an important part of science/technology advancement, but is rarely discussed in universities or in industry. I also give talks entitled, "Capture Creativity -- and Savor Success" or "Take the Mystery Out of Creativity -- and Stimulate Innovation." These talks, covering the arts, history and sciences, have received good responses from both the academic and industrial communities. Pasteur said, "Chance favors the prepared mind." I'm sure that Pasteur didn't mean that "preparing" is just gaining knowledge of one's field. It is this other part of preparing on which I currently focus.

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