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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Marks, Tobin J.
Location Northwestern University - Evanston
Primary Field Chemistry
Secondary Field Applied Physical Sciences
 Election Citation
Marks is known for the creativity, breadth, and diversity in his research. Through landmark synthetic, mechanistic, and thermodynamic investigations, he and his students opened a new portion of the Periodic Table to organometallic chemistry. He has also made major advances in solid state, polymer, bioinorganic and boron hydride chemistry, and in photochemical isotope separation.
 Research Interests
Transition metal and f element organometallic chemistry; catalysis; vibra¬tional spectroscopy; nuclear magnetic resonance; synthetic facsimiles of metallo¬protein active sites; carcinostatic metal complexes; solid state chemistry and low-dimensional molecular metals; nonlinear optical materials; polymer chemistry; tetrahydroborate coordination chemistry; macrocycle coordination chemistry; laser-induced chemistry and isotope separation; molecular electro-optics; metal-organic chemical vapor deposition; polymerization catalysis; printed flexible electronics; solar energy; transparent conductors.

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