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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Jensen, Klavs F.
Location Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Primary Field Engineering Sciences
Secondary Field Chemistry
 Election Citation
Jensen is known for developing micro and mini flow reactors as novel discovery, development, and manufacturing tools by elegant integration of engineering, physical models, and chemistry. His pioneering work resulted in new technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturing and portable energy, and methods to study reactions relevant to new therapeutic applications.
 Research Interests
Klavs F. Jensen's research interests include on-demand multistep synthesis, methods for automated synthesis, and machine learning techniques for chemical synthesis and interpreting large chemical data sets. As founder and a co-director of MIT's consortium, Machine Learning for Pharmaceutical Discovery and Synthesis, he is interested in helping bring machine learning technology into pharmaceutical discovery and development. Development of catalytic systems, understanding chemical kinetics, and modeling of transport phenomena are also topics of interest along with development of methods for predicting performance of reactive chemical systems.

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