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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Bhagwati, Jagdish N.
Location Columbia University
Primary Field Economic Sciences
 Election Citation
Bhagwati has made fundamental and extensive contributions to the theory of international trade. His analysis of trade with distortions, including the role of corrective domestic measures, transformed the analysis of commercial policy, greatly enhancing the case for free trade. His analysis of development in India strongly influenced policy.
 Research Interests
My research interests, leading to essays, op-ed commentary and books have extended to globalization and its consequences, immigration reform, WTO and multilateral trade negotiations like the Doha Round, access to education by the poor, poverty and inequality (and why we need to focus, as in India, on the bottom 30% and not on the top 1%), gender equality, corporate and private social responsibility, developmental strategy, secularism and freedom of religion. Latest books are: 2009 edition of the 2004 Oxford book In Defense of Globalization, Termites in the Trading System: Why Preferential Trade Agreements Undermine Free Trade (Oxford, 2009) and Why Growth Matters (co-authored, Public Affairs, April 2013). Next Spring, I will be publishing a book on Shifting the Lens: Illegal Immigration into the US.

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