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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Hastings, Alan
Location University of California, Davis
Primary Field Environmental Sciences and Ecology
Secondary Field Human Environmental Sciences
 Election Citation
Hastings is a leading theoretical ecologist, whose theoretical research has led to new and deeper understanding of the dynamics of natural populations, and whose application of theory has helped achieve a range of environmental goals, including conservation of biological diversity, control of pest species, and sustainable management of fisheries.
 Research Interests
My principle interests are focused broadly on understanding the dynamics of ecological populations in space and time. Much of my recent work has looked at questions that arise from important applied problems and shed light on management approaches. This work includes understanding the dynamics of exploited populations, fishery management and the management of invasive species and makes use of ideas from bioeconomics. I also have been focusing on understanding the dynamics of ecological populations on timescales relevant for ecology rather than focusing on asymptotic behavior. I have carried out this work both from a theoretical standpoint and using laboratory microcosms with flour beetles. Work on timescale in ecology also includes investigations of the dynamics of tipping points in ecological systems and dynamics of spatial synchrony.

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