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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Hillis, David M.
Location The University of Texas at Austin
Primary Field Evolutionary Biology
Secondary Field Environmental Sciences and Ecology
 Election Citation
Hillis is a founder of molecular systematics and a leader in the global effort to reconstruct the Tree of Life. His research has involved theoretical and empirical studies and has led to novel interpretations concerning the phylogenetic relationships and evolution of organisms from viruses to vertebrates.
 Research Interests
My studies of evolution include experimental investigations (using viral systems), empirical analyses (of both molecular mechanisms and organismal evolution), and mathematical modeling. Phylogenetic analyses have been one focus of my investigations: work in this area has included the development of molecular methods for phylogenetic inference, statistical analysis of phylogenetic results, visualization of complex sets of phylogenetic trees, and testing the accuracy of phylogenetic analyses. I have also worked on developing new applications for phylogenetic analysis, including viral epidemiology, forensics, ancestral sequence reconstruction, assessment of selection, gene convergence, the evolution of reproductive isolation, and systematic applications of the Tree of Life. I also study the evolution of asexual organisms and the effects of asexuality on molecular evolution. My work has involved many groups of organisms, from viruses to vertebrates, with an emphasis on eukaryotes.

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