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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Boering, Kristie A.
Location University of California, Berkeley
Primary Field Geophysics
Secondary Field Chemistry
 Election Citation
Boering determined the fundamental chemical mechanisms of mass-independent isotopic exchange in the atmosphere, and she made the first accurate measurement of the age of stratospheric air. Her work enables new applications of 15N and 17O data to measure global human impacts and changes in photosynthesis over geologic time.
 Research Interests
The coupling of atmospheric chemistry and climate on Earth and other planets on timescales from months to billions of years is studied through aircraft, balloon, and ground-based observations, computer simulations, and laboratory experiments. Of particular interest are studies of photochemical isotope effects. These studies range from crossed beam laboratory experiments to stratospheric observations. Photochemistry and reaction dynamics experiments are aimed at understanding unusual isotope effects on the molecular scale. Global-scale field measurements and computer simulations are aimed at using stable isotopes as tracers of atmospheric chemistry and transport in today's atmosphere and of gas exchange between the atmosphere and biosphere on annual to millennial to billion year time scales from atmospheric, ice core, and rock measurements, respectively. Combined, these molecular and global scale data allow us to better understand and predict the effects of human activities on atmospheric composition, atmospheric circulation, air quality, and climate.

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