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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Feldman, Marcus W.
Location Stanford University
Primary Field Evolutionary Biology
Secondary Field Genetics
 Election Citation
Feldman's massive and wide-ranging contributions to evolutionary genetics include pioneering studies of (1) multilocus complex systems, especially interaction between linkage and selection, evolution of recombination and of modifier genes, (2) cultural evolution and gene-culture coevolution, and (3) human genetic diversity assessed by SNPs and microsatellite loci.
 Research Interests
Feldman has worked on the evolution of recombination, mutation, and dispersal using formal population genetic models. He has developed general formulations for the evolution of the sex ratio and sex determination. With collaborators he constructed the first formal evolutionary models of genomic imprinting. His work on human genomic variation was among the first to reveal genomic signatures of modern human migration out of Africa. He has applied models of cultural evolution to explain patterns of change in human behavior and attitudes. His collaborations with Chinese demographers have focused on sex-ratio bias and its consequences for population demographic structure, as well as the related issue of large-scale internal migration.

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