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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Kling, Catherine L.
Location Cornell University
Primary Field Human Environmental Sciences
Secondary Field Economic Sciences
 Election Citation
Kling has pioneered methods to evaluate how individuals value environmental amenities, has contributed fundamental insights into the design of environmental markets, including markets for ecosystem services, and has pioneered interdisciplinary efforts to integrate water quality and economic models to provide guidance on the design of policy.
 Research Interests
Dr. Kling's research interests in environmental economics relate to the theory and practice of valuing environmental goods and the design of environmental policy. Her theoretical research in nonmarket valuation has characterized what can be learned about consumer preferences for public goods from their footprints in the marketplace, has developed dynamic welfare measures that extend traditional measures to include uncertainty and learning over time, and has contributed to understanding anomalies in micro theory such as the disparity between willingness to pay and accept. Her empirical methodological interests include the refinement of random utility maximization and discrete choice models and their application using primary data collected via survey instruments. Her work in the design of environmental policy includes theoretical work to understand the consequences of intertemporal emission trading for environmental damages. ~Kling has built an interdisciplinary research group to develop integrated land use and water quality models to provide policy guidance on the design and implementation of environmental policies in agriculture. By combining an integrated assessment model with an evolutionary algorithm, the team has assessed assess cost-effective policies to reduce nutrient loadings in local waters and to alleviate the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

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