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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Ungerleider, Leslie G.
Location National Institutes of Health
Primary Field Systems Neuroscience
Secondary Field Psychological and Cognitive Sciences
 Election Citation
Ungerleider is a leading expert on higher-order visual mechanisms in humans and monkeys. She co-formulated the concept of two cortical visual processing streams and did fundamental anatomical work on cortical visual area. Using neuroimaging, she defined regions in the human brain important for cognition and explicated their function.
 Research Interests
The focus of my research has been to gain insight into the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive processes, especially in the visual modality. I have been examining the functional areas that comprise visual association cortex in macaque monkeys and the role these areas play in perception, attention, learning, and memory through the use of anatomical tracing and histochemical staining techniques; electrophysiological recordings of neural activity in awake, behaving monkeys; and behavioral assessment of selective brain lesions. In an attempt to identify homologies between human and monkey brains, I have been studying human brain tissue applying the same histochemical staining techniques I used on monkey brain tissue. I have also been conducting functional brain-imaging studies in humans that parallel those in employed in monkeys to investigate the neural systems in human cortex that are engaged during perception, attention, learning, and memory.

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