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Name Blundell, Richard
Location University of London
Primary Field Economic Sciences
 Election Citation
Blundell studies the behavior and decision-making processes of individuals, households and firms to help develop models for reform.
 Research Interests
Richard Blundell's research has focused on the use of detailed micro-data to study the behavior of individuals, households and firms. The aim has been to develop new models for the analysis of tax and welfare reform and for the general understanding of how individuals and firms make decisions. This agenda has involved the development of new microeconometric tools for the study of dynamic panel data models and the nonparametric analysis of individual decisions. The research has produced a string of new estimates of the responses of labor supply, consumption, savings and innovation to tax policy reform and has resulted in key new implications for tax and welfare reform. In particular, the research has exploited the growing availability of longitudinal data at the household and the firm level to develop micro-data based models for intertemporal decisions over labor supply, human capital and consumption. This has involved the analysis of family labor supply behavior and the interaction between consumer and labor supply behavior. It has resulted in new approaches to modelling the dynamics of inequality in which inequality in the labor market is related to inequality in household incomes and saving over the lifetime.

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