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Name Zilberman, David
Location University of California, Berkeley
Primary Field Human Environmental Sciences
 Election Citation
Zilberman introduced life sciences and engineering into economic models and demonstrated that the mechanisms to enhance environmental services are critical to sustainable development. ~
 Research Interests
David Zilberman's research combines, theory, empirical work, and outreach. His research mostly addresses either management or policy problems in the nexus of agriculture, natural resources, and the environment. He has been involved in major policy debates, including the transition to water markets, regulation and use of pesticides, and biotechnology and biofuel policies. Zilberman's research incorporates features of agronomic and biophysical systems into economic models. His work emphasizes heterogeneity of people and location, as well as dynamics and risk. His major research areas has investigated the role of incentives, policies and marketing in affecting the technology diffusion and adoption, the economics of innovation and technology transfer from universities to the private sector, the economics of water technologies and the factors that affect water conservation, as well as the design of water policy, the efficiency and environmental effect of pesticide use, the design of payment for ecosystem services program, the impact and regulation of agricultural biotechnology, the economics of biofuel, and the economics and design of supply chain.

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