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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Alley, Richard B.
Location The Pennsylvania State University
Primary Field Geophysics
Secondary Field Geology
 Election Citation
Alley's contributions to glaciology and paleoclimatology include his specialty in ice flow physics and his studies in ice core geochemistry, ocean circulation, and abrupt climate shifts. His research has underpinned evidence for instabilities in ice sheets and large-scale rapid changes in global climate.
 Research Interests
Dr. Alley studies processes in glaciers and ice sheets, collaborating extensively. His recent work focuses on the possibility of ice-sheet retreat by iceberg calving, leading to large, rapid sea-level rise. He studies physical properties of ice cores and their importance in reconstructing paleoclimatic records and affecting ice deformation. He also studies glacier beds, focusing both on ice flow and on formation and significance of erosional and depositional bedforms of glaciers. More broadly, he studies abrupt changes in the climate system.

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