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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Case, Anne C.
Location Princeton University
Primary Field Economic Sciences
Secondary Field Social and Political Sciences
 Research Interests
Anne Case is an applied microeconomist who has worked extensively on the social and economic determinants of health. Her work has documented the impact of early-life health and circumstance on health, cognitive function and economic status from childhood through old age, in both developed and developing countries, and investigated mechanisms through which early-life circumstances affect later life health and wellbeing. She has worked throughout her career across disciplines, with demographers, sociologists, and medical doctors. For a decade she focused a great deal of her research on the AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa. For the past five year, she and co-author Angus Deaton have focused on the growing divide in mortality, by educational attainment, among Americans in midlife, documenting a long-invisible but ever-growing epidemic in mortality from drugs, alcohol and suicide. Drawing on work from sociology, psychology, political science, and medicine, they have tied these "deaths of despair" to the slow collapse of the working-class labor market, which has had important downstream effects on the institutions that hold life together: marriage, childbearing, community engagement, and religious affiliation.

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