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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Scheinkman, Jose A.
Location Columbia University
Primary Field Economic Sciences
 Election Citation
Scheinkman has made far-reaching contributions to the field of economic dynamics. His work on dynamic optimization, general equilibrium with imperfect markets, price determination in models of attribute bundling, oligopoly theory, nonlinear dynamics, and social interactions have provided new vantage points on fundamental economic problems.
 Research Interests
I have devoted the bulk of my career to building mathematical models that shed light on a variety of economic and social phenomena such as economic fluctuations, the nature of oligopolistic competition, the growth of cities, informal economic activity, and the spatial distribution of crime. I have also developed new statistical tools for analyzing economic and financial data. Recently, I have been particularly interested in asset prices. With Lars Hansen, I have been building tools to study long-run risks in financial markets. With colleagues at the Bendheim Center of Finance at Princeton University, I have studied the role of disagreement on the precision of information, together with the costs related to short-selling, in sustaining asset-price bubbles and the associated excessive trading. We have also proposed analogous models concerning the emergence and implosion of bubbles.

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