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Name Burrows, Adam S.
Location Princeton University
Primary Field Astronomy
Secondary Field Physics
 Election Citation
Burrows has played a leading role in supernova studies through his work on hydrodynamical instabilities and his multi-dimensional numerical simulations. Burrows also developed the theoretical framework for the study of both brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets. Most of the analyses of the atmospheres of extrasolar planets build on his work.
 Research Interests
Adam Burrows' major research interests include the theories of exoplanets, brown dwarfs, and supernovae. In the realms of exoplanets and brown dwarfs, his major focus is on their evolution, spectroscopy, and atmospheres, with particular emphasis on understanding their structures, chemistry, and spectral signatures in aid of the numerous international campaigns of discovery and characterization. He was one of the first exoplanet theorists in the world, having explored the properties of giant exoplanets in advance of their first detection in 1995. In the general realm of supernovae, he investigates the theories of their explosions and the associated computational, neutrino, and gravitational-wave astrophysics, along with their X-ray and $\gamma$-ray signatures. Much of his supernova research is also in support of ongoing efforts to understand the origins of neutron stars, pulsars, and stellar-mass black holes, as well as the elements of Nature. In the subjects of exoplanets, brown dwarfs, and supernovae, he has written numerous influential papers and reviews, has collaborated with more than 300 co-authors on more than 350 research papers, and has given more than 300 invited talks and colloquia.

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