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Name Bartels, Larry M.
Location Vanderbilt University
Primary Field Social and Political Sciences
 Election Citation
A leading scholar of public opinion, electoral politics, and legislative representation in cross-national perspective, Bartels has made methodological and empirical breakthroughs in three books and dozens of articles. His award-winning 2008 book Unequal Democracy analyzes interactions between rising U.S. economic inequality and trends in voting, attitudes, and partisan policymaking.
 Research Interests
Bartels's work has appeared in outlets ranging from the American Political Science Review to the New York Times to the Monkey Cage blog, where he is an occasional contributor. His 2008 book, Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age, analyzed the political causes and consequences of escalating economic inequality in America. It was cited by Barack Obama on the campaign trail and by the New York Times as one of the "economics books of the year." His first book, Presidential Primaries and the Dynamics of Public Choice, analyzed the interaction of voters, candidates, and the news media in presidential nominating campaigns. He has also published influential articles on the use of heuristics in voting behavior, the effect of partisanship on political perceptions and candidate preferences, the impact of the mass media on political attitudes, and the politics of defense spending. His recent work focuses on assessing political accountability (with Christopher Achen), measuring the policy preferences and political behavior of wealthy Americans (with Benjamin Page), and analyzing political responses to the Great Recession in affluent democracies (with Nancy Bermeo).

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