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Name Andrews, George E.
Location The Pennsylvania State University
Primary Field Mathematics
 Election Citation
Andrews works on the theory of partitions and combinatorics. He has solved long-standing problems posed by prominent figures in the history of mathematics like Euler and Dyson. His interdisciplinary approach has made significant contributions to theoretical physics and computer science.
 Research Interests
For a summary of my research, please see The Work of George Andrews: A Madison Perspective by Richard Askey, paper B42b, Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire (electronic journal). My research centers on the theory of partitions and related areas. I have a long-term interest in the work of Ramanujan, the Indian genius, whose last notebook I unearthed in the Trinity College Library at Cambridge in 1976. In addition to more than 200 scientific papers, I have written books on number theory and the theory of partitions, as well as edited the collected papers of Percy A. MacMahon (see attached bibliography). Currently I am reviving MacMahon's Partition Analysis, collaborating on further applications of partitions to statistical mechanics and computer science, and completing my study of the relationship between Ramanujan's enigmatic identities and quadratic forms.

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