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Name Alferov, Zhores I.
Location St. Petersburg Academic University
Primary Field Engineering Sciences
 Election Citation
Alferov, after building the first Soviet Ge Transistors and rectifiers, quickly realized the need for heterojunctions. He is a principal founder of the field of heterostructure electronics and was the first to realize an ideal heterojunction and solve the problem of room temperature continuous operation of semiconductor lasers.
 Research Interests
The principle field of my activity is the semiconductor physics and technology. From 1953 to 1961, I carried out investigations of p-n junctions in Ge and Si and various electronic devices on their basis, such as transistors, photodiodes, and powerful rectifiers. Since 1962 I have worked in the area of III-V semiconductor heterostructures. At the beginning, we proposed and considered main advantages of double heterostructures (DHS) -- carrier and optical confinement and superinjection effect (1966). After early studies of GaAsP heterojunctions, we created the first "ideal" AlGaAs heterostructures (1967). Shortly thereafter, the first DHS lasers were made (1968) and CW operation was achieved at room temperature (1970). At the same time, the first AlGaAs solar cells (1970), heterostructure LED (1968), DFB and DBR lasers (1974-75) were fabricated and the principles of growing lattice matched heterostructures on the base of quaternary solid solutions (InGaAsP) (1970) were defined. Recently, I have focused my efforts on investigations of quantum wires and quantum dots in heterostructures. As the main result of these studies, In[Lamda]s quantum dots in AlGaAs matrix were produced and the first quantum dot efficient lasers were realized.

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