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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Nobre, Anna C. (Kia)
Location University of Oxford
Primary Field Psychological and Cognitive Sciences
Secondary Field Systems Neuroscience
 Research Interests
Kia Nobre's research group is interested in understanding how the brain proactively and dynamically guides human perception and cognition. They launched the field of temporal expectation, demonstrating that the brain extracts and utilizes temporal regularities from the environment (temporal associations, probabilities, sequences, rhythms) to anticipate events and guide adaptive behavior. They further revealed that temporal expectations can modulate various stages of processing and interact with other top-down signals to prepare brain states optimally depending on task parameters and goals. They have played a similar pioneering role in exploring the interaction between attention and memory of different timescales. They contributed new approaches for showing and investigating how long-term memories fuel proactive and dynamic anticipation of likely events. Breaking with standard wisdom, they also revealed that attention continues to operate within the domain of working memory, through continued flexible prioritization and selection of memoranda according to the individual?s changing expectations and goals. They are currently working on ways to explore how selective prioritization and selection may guide long-term memory retrieval. In addition to advancing our understanding of the fundamental building blocks of human cognition, the group probes how the brain systems and mechanisms supporting adaptive cognition change over development and in specific neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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