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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Arber, Silvia
Location University of Basel
Primary Field Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Secondary Field Systems Neuroscience
 Election Citation
Arber's work provides new insights into the developmental and functional links between synaptic organization of motor system neuronal circuits and discrete animal behaviors.
 Research Interests
Silvia Arber's laboratory is interested in the identification of principles by which neuronal circuits orchestrate accurate and timely control of motor behavior. The work addresses how the nervous system can produce a large repertoire of movement patterns, covering diverse motor actions from locomotion to skilled forelimb tasks. To decipher how motor circuits engage in the control of movement and contribute to the generation of diverse actions, the group unravels how neuronal subpopulations are organized into specific circuits, and studies the function of identified circuits in execution and learning of motor programs. Using multi-facetted approaches combining many technologies, they study nervous-system wide neuronal circuits involved in motor control, including how brain circuits interact with executive circuits in the spinal cord to produce and regulated body movements. The work also aims at the discovery of mechanisms involved in motor circuit assembly during development, as well as circuit plasticity during motor learning and in response to disease or injury.

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