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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Castillo Butters, Luis Jaime
Location Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
Primary Field Anthropology
 Research Interests
Luis Jaime Castillo is director of the San José de Moro Archaeological Program, based on the North Coast of Peru, which focuses on the Moche societies that developed in this region. Through the examination of funerary and ceremonial contexts at the San José de Moro Archaeological Complex and of the remains of domestic settlements such as Cerro Chepén and San Ildefonso, the Program has approached subjects such as the chronology of the region, ritual and religion, political organization and ideology, iconography and technologies of production of ceramics and metallurgy. With aims to improve the quality of the documentation of contexts and artifacts, the program has successfully integrated the use of archaeometrical techniques, as well as aerial photography and tridimensional modelling in order to broaden our understanding of the archaeological record. The program has thus developed new methods that allow researchers to register sites in detail, with both photographic and geospatial precision using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The results of the application of these methods have proven to be highly effective in identifying, documenting and monitoring damages and potential threats to heritage sites.

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