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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Callaway, Edward M.
Location Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Primary Field Systems Neuroscience
Secondary Field Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
 Research Interests
Edward Callaway's laboratory is interested in the neural mechanisms that give rise to perception and behavior in mammals. Work focuses primarily on vision and the visual cortex, with a focus on identifying the circuits and functional contributions of specific cortical neuron types. The laboratory uses a wide range of experimental approaches. Single-cell genetic and epigenetic profiling is used to identify cell types and to reveal genetic regulatory elements that allow transgene expression to be targeted to cell types of interest. These tools are combined with genetic methods for selective and reversible neuronal activation and inactivation, as well electrophysiology and activity imaging methods to test the impact of activity manipulations on circuit function. Monosynaptic rabies tracing methods first developed in the Callaway laboratory are used to reveal the connectivity of specific cell types. The laboratory has particular interests in cell-type-specific wiring motifs and the roles of specific types of inhibitory cortical neurons in shaping the way that visual information is extracted and encoded by cortical circuits.

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