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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Boyden, Edward S.
Location Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Primary Field Systems Neuroscience
Secondary Field Engineering Sciences
 Election Citation
Boyden has revolutionized neuroscience through his development of optogenetic methodologies and invented new technologies such as expansion microscopy.
 Research Interests
Ed Boyden's group, the Synthetic Neurobiology Group at MIT, develops tools for analyzing and controlling complex biological systems such as the brain, and applies them systematically to reveal ground truth principles of biological function as well as to repair these systems. These technologies include expansion microscopy, which enables complex biological systems to be imaged with nanoscale precision; optogenetic tools, which enable the activation and silencing of neural activity with light; robotic methods for directed evolution that are yielding new synthetic biology reagents for dynamic imaging of physiological signals; novel methods of noninvasive focal brain stimulation; and new methods of nanofabrication using shrinking of patterned materials to create nanostructures with ordinary lab equipment. His group also applies tools for dynamic imaging, dynamic control, and molecular mapping to gain integrative perspectives on how neural circuits work, with the ultimate goal of creating computational models of how neural circuits work together to drive behaviors.

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