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Name Calzetti, Daniela
Location University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Primary Field Astronomy
 Election Citation
Calzetti has determined accurate star formation rates to aid galaxy evolution models and her "Calzetti law" provides dust obscuration methods for cosmologically significant distances.
 Research Interests
Daniela Calzetti's research centers on extragalactic star formation and its characterization as a driver of galaxy evolution. She studies the interface between the newly formed stars and the surrounding interstellar medium, and the transfer of electromagnetic radiation in the environment of star-forming galaxies. Her early focus on how interstellar dust affects the measurable properties of stellar populations led to the development of methodologies for removing the effects of dust dimming in galaxy observations. This result has enabled the mitigation of a major obstacle in the reconstruction of the properties of evolving galaxies. Calzetti also investigates the use of dust emission, as well as stellar emission, for quantifying the level of star formation activity in galaxies, employing multiwavelength data from the ultraviolet to the radio. She has recently expanded her interests to the study of the physical processes that convert gas and dust to stars, using observations from both space missions and ground-based facilities. In particular, she is interested in the role of the galactic environment in regulating star formation, and how changing environmental conditions have driven the evolution of the star formation and, as a consequence, of galaxies across cosmic times.

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