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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Ceballos Gonzalez, Gerardo
Location Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Primary Field Environmental Sciences and Ecology
 Election Citation
Ceballos is one of the most innovative, widely published, and politically effective of conservation biologists. He was a key promoter of the Mexican Endangered Species Act, now protecting 4000 species, and successfully developed nature reserves covering more than 1.5% of Mexico. He has also done vital work countering the global extinction crisis.
 Research Interests
Gerardo Ceballos' laboratory is interested in animal population and community ecology, extinction patterns and processes, and linking conservation and development. His lab has carried out the longest population and community ecology study of small mammals in the tropics of the World. A unique feature of his lab is the strong emphasis on applying ecological science for solving conservation problems. His lab has pioneering studies for designing protected areas, evaluating global patterns of species distribution and conservation, and evaluating current extinction rates. His lab has made an enormous contribution to conservation in Mexico managing to promote the creation of federal protected areas covering almost 2% of the territory of Mexico; and he promoted the first Mexican endangered species act. ~ ~

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