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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Marquet, Pablo A.
Location Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Primary Field Environmental Sciences and Ecology
Secondary Field Evolutionary Biology
 Election Citation
Marquet, a leading Latin American ecologist, has made seminal contributions to macroecology, complexity theory, metapopulation theory, and conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems. He seeks to develop general theory to account for observed patterns in the abundance, distribution, and diversity of species, and to address practical problems of human impacts.
 Research Interests
Pablo Marquet¿s lab is interested in several interacting research programs. From the emergence of ecological diversity, and the drivers affecting diversity in micro and macroorganisms, the role of energy use, innovation and cumulative cultural evolution on human social complexity and sustainability, to the integration of theories in ecology, the impact of climate change upon biodiversity and the ecology and evolution of cancer. All these topics are held together under the umbrella of exploring, and understand biological complexity using tools from mathematics, physics, biology, and anthropology.

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