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Name Addadi, Lia
Location Weizmann Institute of Science
Primary Field Chemistry
 Election Citation
Through ingenious experiments, Addadi has revealed in exquisite stereochemical detail the molecular workings of biomineralization, and, more generally, shown how molecules, including antibodies, recognize surfaces, creating function on them.
 Research Interests
Prof. Addadi pursues a broad range of research interests that relate to crystals and biological interfaces. She studies mineralization in biological systems, with a particular interest in crystallizations that either have a physiological function or are related to disease in a wide variety of organisms, including humans. She has investigated biological processes such as cell adhesion and the interactions of antibodies with structured surfaces. Her work may further the understanding of such disorders as osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, and kidney stone formation. Her research on biomineralization, undertaken in conjunction with departmental colleague Prof. Steve Weiner, may also lead to the development of new ways to produce composite materials for advanced technologies in mechanics, optics, or electronics. Currently, she has a particular interest in crystals of organic molecules that fulfill optical functions in organisms, such as mirror and photonic crystal components.

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