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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Frenkel, Daniel (Daan)
Location University of Cambridge
Primary Field Applied Physical Sciences
Secondary Field Chemistry
 Election Citation
Frenkel is a pioneer in the development and application of elegant computational methodologies to explore structural transformations in complex fluids. He is noted for creative and ingenious schemes to understand colloidal self-assembly and self-organization. His insights and discoveries have opened new avenues for research on soft matter.
 Research Interests
Daan Frenkel's research interests focus on numerical simulations of many-body systems, with a special emphasis on problems relating to ordering and self-assembly in soft matter. In the context of this research, he has developed novel Monte Carlo algorithms for free-energy calculations and for the simulation of chain molecules. In addition, he has developed techniques to compute the number of disordered packings of jammed particles. Applications of his research are in the area of liquid-crystalline ordering, crystal nucleation and complex self-assembly.

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