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Name Jouzel, Jean
Location Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de L'Environ
Primary Field Geology
Secondary Field Geophysics
 Election Citation
Jouzel laid the foundation for using and modeling the isotopic composition of O and H in precipitation, atmospheric vapor, and ice cores to understand the modern hydrologic cycle and characterize past climate changes and their dynamics.
 Research Interests
Jean Jouzel started ice core research in the early 1970's in collaboration with Claude Lorius and his group in Grenoble. After participating in the first Dome C project, he became fully involved in the Vostok ice core program conducted in the frame of collaborations between French, Russian and US scientists. His name is also associated to the launching and success of the European Program for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA project that he chaired from 1994 to 2000). Two coring programs have been conducted allowing to extend the ice core timescale back to 800,000 years and helping to decipher the link between Northern and Southern hemisphere climate. Although more deeply involved and focused in Antarctic research, he has also been active in Greenland projects such as GRIP and North GRIP, and in the comparison of records from both poles. He has promoted the modeling of water isotopomers that, with NASA colleagues, he has implemented in the NASA/GISS atmospheric GCM in the 1980?s. He has been at the origin of the launching of PMIP, a successful program intended to engage in intercomparison simulations of past climates, and has a strong interest in the links between past and future climate changes.

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