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Name Bailey-Serres, Julia
Location University of California, Riverside
Primary Field Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences
Secondary Field Plant Biology
 Election Citation
Bailey-Serres has been the primary driving force in elucidating the mechanism of plant submergence tolerance mediated by the ethylene response transcription factor SUB1A. Over one million farmers in floodprone areas of South and Southeast Asia now grow rice cultivars where SUB1A has been introgressed to stabilize yields in flood-prone regions
 Research Interests
Bailey-Serres is interested in genetic mechanisms that underlie the ability of plants to thrive in frequently challenging environments. Her research ranges from the study of individual genes and their function to processes of signal transduction and gene network regulation, critical for strategies that enable survival under extreme unfavorable conditions, particularly floods and droughts. A key interest is in understanding how plant cells perceive, transduce, and ultimately respond to oxygen deprivation and re-oxygenation, whether a consequence of environmental or developmental factors. In her research, natural genetic variation and functional genomics are paired to explore plasticity in metabolism and development that enable successful growth under stress and recovery conditions in crops and model species. The research integrates studies of transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms of gene regulation with an emphasis on mRNA turnover, sequestration and translation in specific organs and individual cell-types. The overall goal of these investigations is to identify and understand mechanisms that enable sustained crop production despite extremes in water availability, thereby alleviating pressures caused by climate change and enhancing global food security.

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