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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Jackson, Matthew O.
Location Stanford University
Primary Field Economic Sciences
Secondary Field Social and Political Sciences
 Election Citation
Jackson has been a leader in providing game theoretic foundations for the analysis of economic and social networks, showing how these can be used to tackle substantive applied problems concerning the impact of World Bank programs in developing countries, the spread of ideas, and the determination of wages and employment.
 Research Interests
I am very interested in the functioning of social and economic networks. Much of my recent research has concerned how social structure impacts opinions, opportunities and behaviors. This includes studies of social learning, the diffusion of information, as well as people's access to job opportunities, decisions to pursue education, and adoption of new technologies. In addition, I have done extensive studies on the formation of networks, from theoretical, methodological, and empirical perspectives, ranging from studying what drives racial biases in high school friendships, to the determination of who interacts with whom in rural Indian villages and how that affects how information diffuses within those villages. The emphasis of my research has been devoted to understanding the welfare implications of both the formation of networks and how they constrain opportunities and information flows. I have also done extensive studies in the areas of political economy and game theory. Some of the topics I have studied there include: when and why nations go to war, which voting systems and markets best align individual incentives with societal well-being, and how social norms evolve in a society.

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