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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Yang, Peidong
Location University of California, Berkeley
Primary Field Chemistry
Secondary Field Applied Physical Sciences
 Election Citation
Taking an interdisciplinary approach, Yang has made outstanding contributions in the creative synthesis and assembly of semiconductor nanowires and their heterostructures, and innovations in nanowire-based photonics, thermoelectrics, photovoltaics and artificial photosynthesis.
 Research Interests
Dr. Yang's interests lie in the synthesis of new classes of materials and nanostructures, with an emphasis on the development of new synthetic approaches. Specifically, he is focused on developing a better understanding of the fundamental issues of structural assembly and growth in order to enable rational control of nanostructure, material composition, property, and functionality. The current direction of his group is focused on chemical integration, self-organization, and physical properties of one-dimensional nanostructures. Specific research projects currently being explored in Dr. Yang's laboratory include: nanowire photonics, nanowire-based solar cells, nanowires for solar to fuel conversion, nanowire thermoelectrics, nanowire-cell interface, and nanocrystal catalysis. At present, Dr. Yang is heavily involved in an effort to create a synthetic leaf that would allow the production of useful chemicals such as butanol, methane from CO2, water and sunlight.

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