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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Mukamel, Shaul
Location University of California, Irvine
Primary Field Chemistry
Secondary Field Physics
 Election Citation
Mukamel shaped the field of coherent multidimensional infrared and optical spectroscopy by creating a unified description using "Liouville space pathways." His theories guided applications to molecular liquids, semiconductors, and biological systems. His collective electronic oscillator theory integrated descriptions of optical excitations in nanostructures, molecular assemblies, polyenes, and photosynthetic units.
 Research Interests
Professor Mukamel's laboratory is interested in the design of novel ultrafast multidimensional coherent optical spectroscopies for probing and controlling electronic and vibrational dynamics in molecules. They have examined many-body theory of excitons in molecules and semiconductors. The understanding of long-range electron and energy transfer in photosynthetic light harvesting complexes is studied along with attosecond nonlinear x-ray spectroscopy of molecules and photon counting statistics in single molecule spectroscopy and nonlinear fluctuation/dissipation relations and fluctuation theorems in open quantum systems.

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