Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Bahar, Ivet
Location University of Pittsburgh
Primary Field Biophysics and Computational Biology
Secondary Field Biochemistry
 Research Interests
Ivet Bahar's laboratory is interested in structure-based modeling of biomolecular systems interactions and function. She pioneered the adaptation of fundamental methods of statistical mechanics to exploring the structural dynamics of proteins and their assemblies. Using the elastic network models (ENMs) and methods introduced by her laboratory, she has examined several complex events such as the machinery of supramolecular complexes, the allosteric behavior of multidomain proteins and the signaling and regulation events modulated by receptors and transporters, with focus on neurobiological applications and drug discovery. Her studies showed that structural dynamics, not only sequence or structure, play a dominant role in determining biomolecular function. She also showed that biomolecular structures possess intrinsic, evolutionarily optimized, and robustly maintained abilities to effectuate cooperative conformational changes that enable their function. With the increase in structural and genomic data in recent years, she has expanded the scope of ENM-based studies to model chromosomal dynamics and bring a new structure-based perspective towards understanding the molecular basis of differential gene expression and regulation patterns exhibited by different types of cells

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