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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Rubio, Angel
Location Max Planck Institute for the Structure & Dynamics
Primary Field Applied Physical Sciences
Secondary Field Physics
 Election Citation
Rubio pioneered the development of first-principles methods for elucidating excited-state properties of materials and nanostructures. His work has had tremendous impact, establishing the concept of theoretical spectroscopy and predicting new materials and properties that bring fundamental developments into technological relevant materials/devices.
 Research Interests
His research interests are rooted to the modeling and theory of electronic and structural properties of condensed matter as well as to the development of new theoretical tools to investigate the electronic response of materials, nanostructures, biomolecules and hybrid materials to external electromagnetic fields. He is acknowledged as pioneer and leader in the area of computational materials physics and one of the founders of modern "theoretical spectroscopy" in the last years he has pioneered the development of the theoretical framework of "quantum electrodynamical density functional theory (QEDFT)" that enables the ab-initio modeling of strong light-matter interaction phenomena in materials, nanostructures and molecules. (opening the new fields of QED-Chemistry or polaritonic chemistry).

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