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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Bagnato, Vanderlei S.
Location University of Sao Paulo
Primary Field Physics
 Election Citation
Bagnato pioneered the understanding of atomic Bose-Einstein condensates in a trap, information fundamental to the still-growing subject of cold atom research. He has carried forward a vigorous research program and, in addition, has been a force for physics in Brazil through programs of public education and scientific outreach.
 Research Interests
Has his activities based on laser cooling and trapping of neutral atoms and applications of optics and laser to health science. Among many activities, he pursued a pioneering work in the field of atomic and molecular physics. Quantum Turbulence involving atomic superfluid, and time and frequency metrology with the construction and evaluation of the atomic clock developed in Latin America and the first pilot plant for the production of high precision microscopes. Recently the group of research under his guidance has implemented in Brazil the basis for the clinical use of Photo-Dynamic-Therapy for the treatment of cancer and microbiological control. A strong relation between basic research and industry is one of the characteristics of his work resulting the implementation of high technology industries in the field of optics. Diffusion of science organizing an special TV channel and public exhibitions are part of his activity.

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