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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Agrawal, Arun
Location University of Michigan
Primary Field Human Environmental Sciences
 Election Citation
Agrawal has transformed understanding of non-western environmental institutional arrangements and their role in strengthening adaptation to and mitigation of climate change and forest conservation. He has revealed the continuities between "indigenous" and "formal" knowledge and changed how "community" is understood in the study of poverty and natural resource management.
 Research Interests
Arun Agrawal's research interests are broadly in the field of development and sustainability and he has written critically on indigenous knowledge, common property, community based conservation and development, and agricultural change. He attempts to show through his work how institutions and institutional change interact with social processes to shape environmental and development outcomes. His substantive research interests include adaptation to climate change, land rights and gender, and the decentralization of environmental governance. Agrawal is the author of Greener Pastures and Environmentality, and his recent work has appeared in American Political Science Review, Conservation Biology, PNAS, Science, and World Development among other journals. ~ ~

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