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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Adler-Lomnitz, Larissa
Location Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Primary Field Anthropology
Secondary Field Social and Political Sciences
 Research Interests
Research at UNAM, recognized at 2006 with the Price of Sciences and Arts; Emeritus Researcher at UNAM. Honorary doctor in Human Letters at University of Massachusetts; National Emeritus Research at National System of Researchers since 1996. National University Price in the area of Social Sciences in 1990. The most important contributions of Larissa Adler Lomnitz are subscribed in first place in the area of the Social Anthropology since 1971 when the book "Reciprocity in favors in the middle Class of Chile" was published. Subsequently, she developed the concept of "social networks" through several articles and a book, considered as a anthropology classic "Networks and marginality." Her work flow then in publication of a new book "A Mexican Elit Family 1820-1980." Her whole academy production includes nine books, of which five are publish in English, Spanish and one to Portuguese; forty seven works in international magazines and over thirty articles in national magazines. Adler-Lomnitz has also studied with anthropologic methods, several cultural groups in the university, state elites, and Mexican politics. We can say that in general lines, the academic work of Adler-Lomnitz is pioneer, new and also polemic; which reaffirms her importance and establishing her as one of the dynamic figures in Latin America.

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