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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Barnes, Carol A.
Location University of Arizona
Primary Field Systems Neuroscience
Secondary Field Psychological and Cognitive Sciences
 Election Citation
Barnes is among the first neuroscientists to try to understand how aging, in the absence of dementing disease, affects basic neural circuitry and plasticity mechanisms that underlie cognitive processes such as memory. Her data have been instrumental in defining neurobiological norms of successful brain aging across mammalian species.
 Research Interests
The central goal of Barnes research program is to understand how the brain changes during normative aging and what the functional consequences of this are for information processing and memory. Her research program involves behavioral, electrophysiological and molecular biological approaches to the study of young and aged rodents and non-human primates. This work provides a basis for understanding the basic mechanisms of normal aging in the brain and sets a background against which it is possible to assess the effects of pathological changes such as Alzheimer's disease. Current work also includes assessments of therapeutic agents that may be promising for optimizing cognitive healthspan across the lifespan.

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