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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Dwork, Cynthia
Location Harvard University
Primary Field Computer and Information Sciences
 Election Citation
Dwork has made seminal contributions to cryptography and distributed computing. She invented differential privacy (with McSherry, Nissim, and Smith), cryptosystems whose security is based on worst-case analysis (with Ajtai), Non-Malleable Cryptography (with Dolev and Naor), and computational-effort-based anti-spam techniques (with Naor).
 Research Interests
Dwork studies privacy-preserving data analysis, from the theoretical limits on what is feasible to the development of differentially private algorithms, as well as the regulatory and policy frameworks for adoption of privacy-preserving technology. In addition, Dwork is currently engaged in two new directions of research: defining and ensuring fairness in classification, and the development of a general technique for ensuring the validity of statistical analyses under adaptivity, that is, when the questions asked depend on the data themselves. More broadly, her research agenda is to frame real-life societal problems in a rigorous way and lay down a mathematically rigorous theoretical groundwork for addressing them; to continue to invest effort in ongoing efforts such as privacy and fairness; and to inform the policy and regulatory debate on relevant issues from a position of strong technical understanding.

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